01. Ultrasonic Testing I / II 7 Days
02. Radiographic Testing I / II 7 Days
03. Magneticparticle Testing I / II 4 Days
04. Liquid Penetrant Testing I / II 4 Days
05. Visual Testing I / II 5 Days
06. Radiographic Film Interrentation I / II 4 Days
07. Eddy Current Testing I / II 7 Days
08. AWS/CSWP3.1 Preperatory Traning 15 Days
09. PAUT II 15 Days
10. TOFD II 7 Days

Forth Coming courses are :

Phased Arrey Ultrasonic Testing(PAUT) Training & Welding Inspector Preparation course (as per AWS / CSWIP)

On job training in UT also conducted to improve the knowledge and experience for the candidates

To Register you for Training courses Please contact on following contact details.

Mr. K.P. Mandal (Course Director, ASNT NDT Level - III)

Mob. No. +91 9771848896



Ultrasonic Testing Level I

Ultrasonic Testing Level II

Magnetic Particle Testing Level II

Readiography Testing II

Liquid Penetrant Testing Level II

Visual Testing (VT) Level II

Eddy Current Testing (ECT) Level I

Eddy Current Testing (ECT) Level II


Diploma, Degree Engg., Graduation, 10 +2 and 10th

Minimum Exp

(210 hrs.) 3 Months

(630 hrs.) 9 Months

(210 hrs.) 3 Months

(630 hrs.) 9 Months

(140 hrs.) 2 Months

(140 hrs.) 2 Months

(210 hrs.) 3 Months

(630 hrs.) 9 Months

Vision Requirements

Candidate Shold have near vision acuity (natural / corrected) J2 or equivatent. Atleast in one eye and should have no abnormality in colour vision

For NDT Level - II Certification : Experience should consist of the time on NDT Level - I or equivalent. For level - II certification Directly the experience shall be the sum of Level - I & II and the training shall be sum of the level I & II.

Copies of experience & Educational Qualification shall be produced at the time of registration.

Xerox copy (self attached) educational qualifications and 2 passport size photos


We have the following resources for training

A well equiped training room

Overhead projector/computer etc

Magnetic particle testing equipment

Black light assembly

Penetrant testing facility

Ultrasonic testing machines

Radiography film viewers

Reference radiographs

Defective sample pieces

Reference blocks

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